License Depot

10% to 40% Cost reduction on software purchases in 1 year

License Depot offers organizations a simple (online) system in which all licenses are recorded in one place. This system offers substantial savings in just a few months .

The main advantages:

  1. Overview of all licenses (often too much and you still pay maintenance).
  2. All licenses with expiration dates online.
  3. Warning of expiration of maintenance.
  4. Summary of Costs.
  5. Password recovery.
  6. Support for Software Asset Management / Software License Management.
  7. Structural cost reduction.
  8. Reuse of "hidden" licenses.
  9. License compliance (eg preventing illegal use of fines)

Want a list of all software licenses in your organization and the ability to explore the potential cost savings, contact us at:

The Gartner Group has identified Software Asset Management (SAM) as critical to helping IT organizations survive the current economic troubles. Alongside VOIP, virtualization, security managed services and data center hosting, the analyst firm highlighted SAM as critical to getting IT leaders to think more like CFOs, looking to address areas of inefficiency as well as investing in new technologies to drive savings.

It certainly seems that SAM fits the bill: aiding organizations to realize savings through better use of existing assets, preventing unnecessary spending on duplicate software, reducing the cost of support and maintenance agreements and avoiding the risk of costly compliance fines.

But to be truly effective, SAM requires IT and finance teams to collaborate closely.

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